Airport Transportation Services

Traveling can sometimes be an overwhelming experience. Luckily there are several tips that can make your trip fun and enjoyable while making sure you are punctual, safe and prepared.

After you have booked your flight on one of many airlines you can begin planning for all the details that must fall into place to have a successful trip. An important additional reservation that is sometimes left to the last minute is airport transportation. If you would like door-to-door service in order to skip the hassles of parking it’s important to schedule your airport transportation services in advance.  Some find that utilizing a luxury car service for their airport transportation needs, is often more enjoyable than using a taxi. You may be surprised that the price is very comparable, yet you get a lot more for your money!


Be sure to schedule your luxury transportation with plenty of time to get through the airport and be at your gate with time to spare. Arriving at the airport 2 hours in advance of your flight is always a good starting point. This allows for the unexpected to not ruin your travel plans or escalate your nerves prior to leaving town.


Packing is an essential part of all traveling. Many travelers opt to not check a bag and instead utilize a carry on.  A great way to reduce the space your clothes will need is to roll each piece individually. You can fit several more pieces of clothing in your suitcase using this method! Also make sure you pack your liquids in 3 oz plastic bottles and place them in a plastic zip lock bag. This will allow the security at the airport to do their job quicker and more efficiently. To accommodate those travelers carrying luggage for extended stays, families, group travel it is very convenient to use Lux Limo’s escalade.   Last, but not least, if you have a common colored bag, such as black, you should always mark your luggage with an easy to identify tag so you can quickly see them when mixed among others.


Another option is to purchase a more unique piece that will catch your eye and detour strangers from accidentally grabbing your bag instead of theirs at the airport.  Here at Lux Limo we believe while tips may help encourage a stress free trip there is nothing better than the old adage…Practice makes perfect!  Through your personal travels you’ll surely find what works well and can advance to the status of a professional traveler in no time!