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Concert Transportation

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Concerts can be a great way to go out, let loose and have some fun! Here in Colorado we have some of the best venues, such as Red Rocks, Fiddlers Green Amphitheater and Pepsi Center

Fiddlers Green Amphitheater



The most frequent question that comes to mind is, “How are we going to get there?” Great question and we’ve got the perfect answer.

Lux Limo is a safe and reliable car service company, we can get you to your destination hassle free.Whichever concert you pick, Lux Limo would be happy to help you get there!

Crowded parking lots, long lines of traffic and car dings are only a couple of the headaches you will surely avoid. Picking a reliable car service offers the ease of sitting back and not worrying about where the best parking spot is or how far you’ll have to walk. In fact, when other concert goers are still heading to their self-driven modes of transportation you’ll be climbing into a climate controlled luxury vehicle with options such as a bar, water and soda, as well as other special request items.

Pepsi Center



Another fantastic reason to use a car service is choosing the safe alternative and not drinking & driving. Not only do you have to worry about your safety and those around you, but the going rate for a DUI is $7,500 to 10,000 depending on your circumstances. A car, SUV or Limo can be booked for a fraction of the cost and guarantee a wonderful evening!

Red Rocks


However you decide to get there, Lux Limo reminds you to be safe and responsible. But lets be honest, who doesn’t want to pull up in style? We have an awesome fleet of SUVs, sedans, luxury vehicles and stretch limousines that are sure to please. Visit the fleet section on our website and you’ll be able to choose any vehicle of your choice for your transportation needs. Our staff is available 24/7 to meet your needs. You can use the Lux Limo App to book anywhere anytime, visit us online or call today!


Mountain Transportation

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Are you looking for a nice getaway to the beautiful Colorado Mountains? We can provide the best mountain transportation for your needs. We have wonderful SUV’s that are plenty spacious and provide extra space for any luggage you may have. Whether you’re headed to Vail, Aspen, Loveland or anywhere else you may decide, we can help you get there. Lets be honest, we could all use a nice weekend in the mountains and If you don’t even have to make the drive yourself? You just cant beat that! Interested in the rates that apply to your trip? Call us today at 720-635-9237 or email us for a quote. We are sure to make your trip as easy and less stressful as possible!





Holiday Party Transportation

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Holiday party planning is in full swing! Rushing to find the perfect location to show appreciation to your staff as well as planning mouth-watering cuisine and foot stopping fun will fill your days over the next few weeks.


Blue Christmas OrnamentsDenver has many fabulous locations for any theme you may be imagining, size of group you have, or budget you are sticking to. Between Sports Authority Field @ Mile High, The Clock Tower on 16th, Denver Center for Performing Arts, or one of the many grand hotels and restaurants. You will certainly find a venue to fit your vision.

Sports Authority Denver Center for Performing Arts Clocktower Logo

While most of your time is spent searching for the perfect venue, choosing a caterer, booking entertainment, and even purchasing giveaways you don’t want to forget transportation services. DUI arrest commonly increase during the months of November and December and it’s no secret that it’s directly related to Holiday Parties.

DUI Checkpoint ahead

You may find that many employees will plan ahead and be responsible by assigning a designated driver or booking their own private limousine, but it shows them that their safety matters to you, as an employer, if chauffeured transportation is offered at the end of the night.

Lux Limo of Denver offers discounts when multiple cars are reserved. Perhaps booking luxury transportation for a few key Executives along with multi-passenger vans for other small groups that live in the same area could be a good game plan for obtaining affordable transportation. Stretched limousines, hummer limousines, Luxury SUV limousines, and even specialty sedans are all available.

Town Car DriverPost a sign-up sheet in your office about 2 weeks or so prior to your event and see who would be interested in utilizing the extra perk you are planning to offer. Not only will this cause your co-workers to think about responsible holiday celebrating at your event but it will plant the seed in their minds for other events they maybe be planning to attend. We provide Safe Holiday Party Transportation!

Happy Holiday Planning!


Airport Transportation Services

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Traveling can sometimes be an overwhelming experience. Luckily there are several tips that can make your trip fun and enjoyable while making sure you are punctual, safe and prepared.

After you have booked your flight on one of many airlines you can begin planning for all the details that must fall into place to have a successful trip. An important additional reservation that is sometimes left to the last minute is airport transportation. If you would like door-to-door service in order to skip the hassles of parking it’s important to schedule your airport transportation services in advance.  Some find that utilizing a luxury car service for their airport transportation needs, is often more enjoyable than using a taxi. You may be surprised that the price is very comparable, yet you get a lot more for your money!


Be sure to schedule your luxury transportation with plenty of time to get through the airport and be at your gate with time to spare. Arriving at the airport 2 hours in advance of your flight is always a good starting point. This allows for the unexpected to not ruin your travel plans or escalate your nerves prior to leaving town.


Packing is an essential part of all traveling. Many travelers opt to not check a bag and instead utilize a carry on.  A great way to reduce the space your clothes will need is to roll each piece individually. You can fit several more pieces of clothing in your suitcase using this method! Also make sure you pack your liquids in 3 oz plastic bottles and place them in a plastic zip lock bag. This will allow the security at the airport to do their job quicker and more efficiently. To accommodate those travelers carrying luggage for extended stays, families, group travel it is very convenient to use Lux Limo’s escalade.   Last, but not least, if you have a common colored bag, such as black, you should always mark your luggage with an easy to identify tag so you can quickly see them when mixed among others.


Another option is to purchase a more unique piece that will catch your eye and detour strangers from accidentally grabbing your bag instead of theirs at the airport.  Here at Lux Limo we believe while tips may help encourage a stress free trip there is nothing better than the old adage…Practice makes perfect!  Through your personal travels you’ll surely find what works well and can advance to the status of a professional traveler in no time!


Non Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT)

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Most of us have been in the situation where your doctor or dentist is requiring you have a ride home after certain procedures.  Sometimes it’s easy to find a friend or family member to jump to your rescue but what do you do when you can’t?  Not only can it be inconvenient for others it can also be impossible due to living away from family members or being new to the area such as Denver, CO.

NEMT (Non Emergency Medical Transportation) has been set up in Colorado to allow patients safe and reliable transportation.  Giving you the peace of mind that your loved ones are being well taken care of; there are few companies in the Greater Denver area that provide this service.

Lux Limo NEMT

As a certified NEMT transportation provider, Lux Limo of Denver delivers top notch service for patients that prefer service with a smile.  We ensure that our driver’s will help assist individuals to and from non-emergency medical appointments, with door to door service.

When making a reservation a confirmation will be emailed with the complete total including the gratuity. Upon completion of your reservation, a receipt of your transaction will be emailed. You will find comfort in knowing that no additional fees will appear on your receipt that was not explained prior to your experience with Lux Limo.

To the Denver Regional Council of Governments listing for NEMT for Lux Limo click here.

To book your NEMT transportation with Lux Limo click here.



Vacations…To Stay or Not To Stay?

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Everyone loves a good vacation! The ability to recharge your body through relaxation along with an enjoyable itinerary is essential to living a long and happy life. With all the advertisements constantly being directed to us it can be hard to decide on what type of vacation to take. Do you whisk away to a Bahama Beachfront Resort, African Safari or European Backpacking Excursion or do you save the hassle and expense of the long flight and enjoy the many vacation opportunities in your own backyard? To Stay…or Not to Stay!

Being based in Denver, CO we are lucky to have an array of wonderful attractions to choose from. You can challenge your fear of heights while Zip Lining through the Pine Trees, get your adrenalin pumping with extreme Whitewater Rafting, or even tackle one of the 53 Fourteeners and experience the hike of your life!

White Water Rafting in Colorado Fourteener Colorado Blackhawk Casino

If physically challenging activities are not your idea of a vacation you can enjoy several destinations that include breathtaking scenery as well as friendly faces you’ll meet along the way. Blackhawk, Central City and Cripple Creek will cover the gambling enthusiasts while the many shops and restaurants lining the Main Streets of the mountain towns scattered throughout the Rocky Mountains offers world class dining along with fabulous boutiques, old fashioned candy, and momentum’s for even the pickiest shopper. Many vacationers also enjoy scenic Hot Air Balloon rides to take in the Flat Irons along the Boulder foothills.

Hot Air Balloon Denver Main Street Central City White Water Rafting in Colorado

Whether you decide To Stay…or Not To Stay, no vacation is complete without luxury transportation! You’ll arrive in style sans white knuckles from the anxiety traffic can cause. Door to Door service, as well as, comfortable, luxury car service is available for airport transportation and your mountain transportation needs taking you to the many destinations around our beautiful state.

Happy Vacationing…or Staycationing!


Unique Transportation Services

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Since the invention of the limousine around 1928 there has been an array of unique and exciting multi passenger cars developed.

The first limo carried only 12 passengers but this number soon grew. Today they come in all shapes and sizes…sometimes carrying up to 26 passengers or more!

1927 Limo

A quick search on the internet will reveal many types of luxury limousines that you can reserve for concert transportation, airport transportation, or wedding car service…just to name a few. You’ll find all the colors of the rainbow as well as black, white, and even hot pink limousines.


Most metro areas will have at least one hot pink limo to cater to those wild Bachelorette Party Nights! From Rolls Royce Limousines, to Cadillac Escalade limousines, to Hummer Limousines there is one for every special occasion! If you have a particular type of car in mind for your special event limo be sure to reserve it in advance. The good ones always get chosen first!

The outside of the limo may catch a passerby’s eye but the inside will blow a passenger’s mind! Ample seating, bars, TVs, and plenty of room to move about is all offered inside these massive automobiles. Exotic lighting and fantastic sound systems add excitement and flare to the interior.

limo interior

Depending on your occasion you can request particular light and sound themes as well as special items to be served. You might not be aware but some exotic limousines have items such as hot tubs and dancing poles which will clearly take your special transportation to a whole new level!



Special Event Transportation

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Everyone knows that an experience can be formed when several details from a particular activity come together and form a memory. While a company offering you a service may control most of your experience your willingness to participate as well as your attitude will certainly change the outcome. Without participation from all parties involved your experience may not live up to what you were expecting. Special requests can offer the service you are using an opportunity to shine as well as satisfy your quest for a happy experience.

For example, many options are available when needing to go from one point to another when a longer than walking distance is at hand. Special events, errands, or travel arrangements to the airport all require you choose a mode of transportation. You could drive yourself, board a bus, call a taxi, or reserve luxury transportation just to name a few. Depending on which option you choose your experience will certainly be very different.

You may think that driving yourself may have a full list of advantages, but you might run into a stressful situation involving traffic or worse…an accident! Maps, insurance, and frazzled nerves can flood into your experience very quickly. You can clearly see how these details will affect your experience. Fortunately, you control your special requests in this situation which can help with making you as comfortable or prepared as possible although you must fulfill them yourself.

Boarding a bus or shuttle transportation is another great way to have an experience you are happy with while traveling but will also involve details that may or may not allow you to enjoy yourself. This choice has the least possibility of special request options but the details can still prove to be very positive. The lack of worry regarding traffic, accidents being your fault or not, and/or missed texts should prove to be a stress-free experience for you. Not to mention…the environmentally friendly choice you made at the beginning is inevitably paying the experience forward to many other people around you!

The other transportation choices I mentioned above include taxi cars as well as luxury car service. You can get the best of both worlds utilizing these modes of transportation. They offer the ease of not paying attention to the surrounding traffic but still give you a sense of control when it comes to getting where you need to be. Through a bit of research you will find that Limousine companies in Denver, CO often offer sedans and SUV’s as well as limousines when booking a reservation. This is common in most urban areas. While a taxi service does not normally allow for special request a limousine service gladly will!

roses & chocolate

When booking your next special event transportation consider utilizing a car service that allows for special requests. Your favorite drink, a newspaper, chocolate covered strawberries if you are romancing your special someone, or even your favorite pack of gum could be available for you upon pick up encouraging a wonderful experience to unfold before you.


Planning Your Wedding Budget

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Weddings are a celebration of love and commitment. They are also a whirlwind of details, budgets and planning. Utilizing professionals in the industry can save time, money and your sanity! Wedding planners, Luxury wedding car service providers, Chefs, Bakers, Florist, and even Childcare professionals can assist in making your special day hassle free and affordable.

Most wedding planning begins with the dreaded budget. Without a budget it can be difficult to decide on location options, invitations, decorations, what will be served and even transportation services. Having a wish list to map out your budget can be helpful in making sure your desires are met. If you’ve always dreamed of being whisked away to your honeymoon in a stretch limousine there is no reason it can’t happen!

Wedding Limo

Choosing to scale back on flowers or re-utilizing décor from the ceremony at the reception are all great options to free up additional funds. Balancing these different area are key to successfully designing your dream wedding.

With the average wedding costing around $27,000 it’s important to allocate your budget correctly. A good base to start your budget off with is as follows…

  • Reception & Rentals (catering, venue, etc.) – 40%
  • Photography/Videography – 10%
  • Wedding Planner – 10%
  • Wedding Attire – 8%
  • Flowers & Decorations – 7%
  • Music & Entertainment – 7%
  • Wedding Rings – 4%
  • Stationary – 3%
  • Gifts – 3%
  • Luxury Transportation – 3%
  • Wedding Cake – 2%
  • Ceremony & Legalities – 2%
  • Day of Preparation (Hair & Make-up) – 1%

Depending on your desires these percentages are sure to change. Take care to keep your total percentage at 100% during the process. If you extend beyond 100% you’ll need to do some negotiating in certain areas. This is where professionals in the industry can offer tips in reducing costs. A Wedding Planner can do wonders for your design and can easily save far beyond the cost of hiring them. Their relationships with professionals in your community will bring discounts that would have not been offered otherwise. It’s very common to see a 10% discount from limousine companies or a 15% discount from a stationary store. These discounts are sometimes offered as incentives for the wedding planner to send business their way or can be passed along to the client as a discount. Be sure to find out how your wedding planner rewards you for using their services.

While the months leading up to your big day can be stressful and full of decisions remember to keep your eye on the real reason you are celebrating. Your friends and family will rarely remember every detail you spent hours anguishing over but they will always remember the loving, beautiful couple that shared their special day with them!


What is the difference between a Chauffeur and Driver?

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A Chauffeur can refer to anyone who drives for a living, this term usually applies specifically to a driver of an passenger vehicle such as a luxury sedan, motor coach, or especially a limousine; people who operate buses, taxis, or non-passenger vehicles are generally referred to as a driver.