Color Changing Colorado

Chilly nights, damp mornings, and the ever changing trees are telling us that summer is almost over and Fall is quickly approaching! Residents of Denver have the fortunate opportunity of viewing the fall colors without a lengthy trip across the country. In fact…what better way to explore the beauty of nature than by enjoying a relaxing chauffeured limousine drive through some of the nation’s most majestic mountains?

colorado colors 1

Another way to see the colors is by reserving train transportation which picks up at Union Station in Downtown Denver. You will enjoy a traffic free trip but won’t enjoy the seclusion of your private luxury transportation. While some fall enthusiasts enjoy sharing the experience with a group of strangers  others will enjoy the options of changing their route, making unexpected stops, and even choosing the music they’d prefer to listen to. While the undisturbed terrain might be enjoyable you most likely will see more colors if you are able to change direction and follow roads that take you to other colorful mountainsides quickly.Colorado Colors 4

Lux Limo in Denver offers many routes to enjoy the beautiful changing leaves. You can choose from an array of vehicles including Exotic limousines, or Lux Limo Town Car. Along with choosing your type of vehicle you’ll want to choose the route. There are several great passes that have many types of trees which will ensure many different colors.

colorado colors 2 (1)

We suggest you plan your trip around what area you’d like to visit. Trees in the southern parts of the state will hold onto their leaves into October while the northern parts begin in September and may be bare by mid-October.  Keep in mind that early snow storms in the area can strip the leaves from trees before they naturally fall so get up there before it’s too late!