With Lux Limo, tolls are assessed at a discounted rate.

We receive a 20% discount on tolls and pass this savings on to you!


Toll roads can save both you and our drivers time. Most companies charge passengers for accessing toll roads. At Lux Limo we have designed an industry leading tolls policy.

The price of your trip is based on distance. During heavy traffic times toll roads can often be the most efficient route. We believe if the toll road is the most efficient route for our passengers it is also the most efficient route for our drivers. When our passengers choose to save time by using the toll roads our company and drivers also save time by taking that route. Individual tolls range from $2.45-$3.70.

Your satisfaction is our priority if you have any questions about our toll policy feel free to contact us anytime.

To view the Express Tolls current rate schedule and map click here.