Unique Transportation Services

Since the invention of the limousine around 1928 there has been an array of unique and exciting multi passenger cars developed.

The first limo carried only 12 passengers but this number soon grew. Today they come in all shapes and sizes…sometimes carrying up to 26 passengers or more!

1927 Limo

A quick search on the internet will reveal many types of luxury limousines that you can reserve for concert transportation, airport transportation, or wedding car service…just to name a few. You’ll find all the colors of the rainbow as well as black, white, and even hot pink limousines.


Most metro areas will have at least one hot pink limo to cater to those wild Bachelorette Party Nights! From Rolls Royce Limousines, to Cadillac Escalade limousines, to Hummer Limousines there is one for every special occasion! If you have a particular type of car in mind for your special event limo be sure to reserve it in advance. The good ones always get chosen first!

The outside of the limo may catch a passerby’s eye but the inside will blow a passenger’s mind! Ample seating, bars, TVs, and plenty of room to move about is all offered inside these massive automobiles. Exotic lighting and fantastic sound systems add excitement and flare to the interior.

limo interior

Depending on your occasion you can request particular light and sound themes as well as special items to be served. You might not be aware but some exotic limousines have items such as hot tubs and dancing poles which will clearly take your special transportation to a whole new level!