Planning Your Wedding Budget

Weddings are a celebration of love and commitment. They are also a whirlwind of details, budgets and planning. Utilizing professionals in the industry can save time, money and your sanity! Wedding planners, Luxury wedding car service providers, Chefs, Bakers, Florist, and even Childcare professionals can assist in making your special day hassle free and affordable.

Most wedding planning begins with the dreaded budget. Without a budget it can be difficult to decide on location options, invitations, decorations, what will be served and even transportation services. Having a wish list to map out your budget can be helpful in making sure your desires are met. If you’ve always dreamed of being whisked away to your honeymoon in a stretch limousine there is no reason it can’t happen!

Wedding Limo

Choosing to scale back on flowers or re-utilizing décor from the ceremony at the reception are all great options to free up additional funds. Balancing these different area are key to successfully designing your dream wedding.

With the average wedding costing around $27,000 it’s important to allocate your budget correctly. A good base to start your budget off with is as follows…

  • Reception & Rentals (catering, venue, etc.) – 40%
  • Photography/Videography – 10%
  • Wedding Planner – 10%
  • Wedding Attire – 8%
  • Flowers & Decorations – 7%
  • Music & Entertainment – 7%
  • Wedding Rings – 4%
  • Stationary – 3%
  • Gifts – 3%
  • Luxury Transportation – 3%
  • Wedding Cake – 2%
  • Ceremony & Legalities – 2%
  • Day of Preparation (Hair & Make-up) – 1%

Depending on your desires these percentages are sure to change. Take care to keep your total percentage at 100% during the process. If you extend beyond 100% you’ll need to do some negotiating in certain areas. This is where professionals in the industry can offer tips in reducing costs. A Wedding Planner can do wonders for your design and can easily save far beyond the cost of hiring them. Their relationships with professionals in your community will bring discounts that would have not been offered otherwise. It’s very common to see a 10% discount from limousine companies or a 15% discount from a stationary store. These discounts are sometimes offered as incentives for the wedding planner to send business their way or can be passed along to the client as a discount. Be sure to find out how your wedding planner rewards you for using their services.

While the months leading up to your big day can be stressful and full of decisions remember to keep your eye on the real reason you are celebrating. Your friends and family will rarely remember every detail you spent hours anguishing over but they will always remember the loving, beautiful couple that shared their special day with them!